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A Word From My Clients

"Wendy has been my massage therapist for over 5 years.  I feel so fortunate to work with Wendy she is knowledgeable, keeps current and has the best hands!  Over the years I have had on going issues with the neck and shoulders, carpal tunnel, and rheumatoid arthritis.  I've sought out many modalities of complementary medicine and with Wendy's therapeutic massage has been a big part of helping me imporve my health.  She is very involved in her work and is commited to doing excellent bodywork, and she will always go the extra mile." 

Noreen H.

"A relaxing massage started out as a treat to reward myself.  Over the last 5 years I have grown to truly appreciate the healing results of therapeutic massage.  Wendy has helped me cope with arthritis and plantarfasciatis and she is great at relieving the stress I carry in my neck and shoulders.  She used Kinesiotape to speed the healing when I sprained both ankles-at the same time!  I recently joined Curves and am anxious to learn Wendy's new stretch program to prevent sore muscles." 

Sue F.

February 15, 2011


Two years ago, my sister recommended Wendy McKinnis, certified massage therapist to me, and after one massage, I became a devoted customer of Wendy’s. Wendy is able to find, isolate and diminish my trouble muscle spots with surprisingly gifted hands. I drive 300 miles roundtrip to receive her services.  I could receive a massage in the area I live, but I find Wendy much more capable than any other therapist. When I’m through with a massage from her, I can sleep on both sides of my body again and I no longer have painful neck cramps. 

As an occupational therapist and certified infant massage instructor, I apprise Wendy’s handling techniques and overall skill as superb. Wendy can gently locate, identify and explain each muscles function to me as she performs the massage. She is astute to painful areas and works closely with me to determine how much pressure I can manage.

I highly recommend Wendy McKinnis for your next massage.

Trese A.

Therapeutic massage is the greatest thing for muscle relaxation, stiffness, and pain.  I had a frozen shoulder about 5 years ago, extremely painful, couldn't lift my arm and had cortizone injections without effect. I had about 12 sessions of massage therapy and it was completely healed and the ailment has not returned.  Wendy's massage is effective and she is in the neighborhood which is good for me, I am 89 years old.    Ken E. 

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